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Wednesday April 25, 2018

About Us

The Ultimate Source for News of the Latest Apple Products

Apple Info Center is the premier source for news and information about Apple and its products. The site and its content are produced independently of Apple Inc., giving us the ability to present objective news and unbiased opinions.

Over the past few decades, Apple has produced a vast array of game-changing technology that is unparalleled in its innovation, style, and mass appeal. More than any other technology company, Apple can generate crowds of people lining up to buy the latest products as soon as they are released.

In a sea of information, Apple Info Center stands out with its continuous, real-time news coverage of some of the world's most popular tech products.

As one of the Internet's premier sources of Apple news, Apple Info Center attracts a vast audience of technology purchasers for business and personal use. Topics include Mac desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, iPhones, iPads, mobile apps, smart watches and other mobile devices, tech trends, and all things Apple.

Apple Info Center is part of a network of technology-related news sites, including Top Tech Wire, a company news wire; Billions of Bytes, a general tech news resource; and Mobile Device Now, a news site focused on the mobility market and all the latest gadgets and apps.

Our network also operates in partnership with other leading technology publishers to reach an even broader audience of technology users.

The name Apple, its products and services are the intellectual property of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved.

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