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Sunday December 17, 2017
First Shazam, Now Finisar: Apple Is on a Spending Spree
Another notable investment for Apple: It is pouring $390M into the facial recognition technology company, Finisar. The money comes from the $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

Apple Confirms Purchase of Music-Recognition App Shazam
For nearly 10 years, Shazam has been something of a one-trick pony. But behind the nifty song-detecting technology lies something that could explain why Apple is buying Shazam for $400M.

Apple Fixes HomeKit Bug that Left Smart Gadgets Vulnerable
The iOS 11.2 bug has been fixed. Apple has resolved a security hole within its HomeKit smart home system that could have allowed hackers to unlock users’ smart locks or other devices.

Apple, Google Leaders Attend Chinese Internet Fest
The high-profile attendance of the leaders of Apple and Google at a Chinese conference promoting Beijing's vision of a censored internet highlights a dilemma for Western tech companies.

Apple Inks $15B Deal with Ireland To Clear Up Back Taxes
Tech giant Apple has agreed to begin paying more than $15 billion in back taxes to Ireland next year -- while appealing a European Union decision. Ireland had held off collecting the money.

Qualcomm Seeks Partial Ban on iPhone X, Apple Countersues
The ongoing intellectual property rights conflict between Apple and Qualcomm has taken another turn, as Apple has filed a countersuit against the chipmaker in U.S. District Court in California.

Apple Fires Back at Qualcomm in Countersuit
In its feud with Qualcomm over patent royalties, Apple is upping the ante by accusing the chipmaker of infringing on eight Apple patents related to extending battery life in smartphones.

Apple Issues Quick Fix for Mac Password Vulnerability
Tech giant Apple said an update was now available to fix a security issue in its latest Mac operating system that enables people to log in to Mac computers without knowing the password.

Dangerous Bug Puts Apple MacOS High Sierra Devices at Risk
A huge security issue with Apple's most recent operating system update for Mac allows anyone to log into devices running the OS without a password. The bug was reported on Twitter.



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