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Friday March 23, 2018
Apple's Eddy Cue Talks Free Speech, Hate Speech and NRATV
Eddy Cue, Apple's head of services, said Apple does not believe all speech should be protected on its platforms, saying "free speech is important but that doesn't mean it's everything."

France Will Sue Google, Apple Over Software Developer Treatment
A French government minister is planning to sue Google and Apple over alleged "abusive commercial practices" that take advantage of French software developers who create applications.

With Magazine Acquisition, Apple Adds 'Texture' to Its Services
Apple is dipping its hand into journalism, announcing its plans to acquire digital magazine distributor Texture. Texture offers 200 magazines digitally in its app for a $10-a-month subscription.

Mining Misfire: Calendar 2 Vanishes from App Store
A popular calendar app for the Mac has disappeared from Apple's App Store after it was found to be mining cryptocurrency without user permission and grabbing excessive CPU resources.

More Supplier Woes for Apple, Despite Crackdown
Apple took new steps in 2017 to improve manufacturing workers' conditions and to create a greener supply chain, but it also reported a jump in supplier issues compared to the year before.

California Right To Repair Bill Takes Aim at Gadget Makers
Fixers and repair shops in California have had to repair devices like an iPhone without direct help from creators like Apple for several years. Now, a state legislator is trying to change that.

Google Search Now Available on Apple's iMessages, Safari
Trying to send a news article or a restaurant suggestion to a friend with an iPhone? Google and Apple have teamed up to help. Google will now have a Search extension in Apple's iMessages app.

Warren Buffett, Frugal Flip-Phone User, Loves His Apple Shares
Billionaire Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett does not own a smartphone -- and doesn't plan to for a long time -- but he said that if he had to pull all his money in one stock, he would choose Apple's.

Apple's Next Big Venture: Tech-Enabled Healthcare
Similar to Amazon's team up with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan, the AC Wellness Network aims to serve Apple's roster of employees and their families "compassionate, effective healthcare."



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