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Wednesday April 25, 2018
A News Subscription for Your iPhone? Apple May Soon Launch One
Tech giant Apple recently acquired the digital magazine distributor Texture as an entry to the journalism world. Now, it plans to use its platform to launch a premium news subscription by 2019.

iPhone X2 May Rely on Apple's Biggest Rival, Samsung
Smartphone behemoth Apple is reportedly struggling to find a suitable OLED supplier -- that isn't Samsung -- for its rumored new iPhone models that will boast 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch displays.

Apple HomePod Sales Struggle, Fall Way Behind Amazon Echo
The HomePod has not delivered the sonic boom Apple had hoped for. Apple's home speaker had strong pre-orders, but it has petered out in the increasingly competitive home speaker market.

iOS 11.3 Messing with iPhone 8s with Third-Party Screens
Users who have had screen repairs performed by third parties, rather than with Apple, on their iPhone 8 smartphones have found that the iOS 11.3 update stopped the touchscreen from working.

Apple Co-Founder Woz Closes Facebook Account Over Data Collection
Steve Wozniak is shutting down his Facebook account as the social giant struggles with the worst privacy crisis in its history. "Apple makes money off of good products, not off of you," he said.

Seeing Red: Apple Unveils iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Red
As expected, Apple has released the (PRODUCT)RED version of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got this special edition around this time last year as well.

Future iPhones Could Have Curved Screens and Touchless Control
Technology giant Apple is reportedly in the early stages of development on two new (at least for Apple) technologies that could make their way into the iPhone in the next few years.

Report: Apple Planning To Dump Intel Chips in Macs
Apple is reportedly planning to drop Intel chips from its Mac computers as early as 2020, instead using processors designed in-house the same way Apple manufactures iPhones and iPads.

Google's Artificial Intelligence Guy Just Jumped to Apple
While comparisons vary, Google Assistant tends to outperform Apple's Siri in a range of areas, which likely explains why Apple has hired Google's John Giannandrea to run its machine learning and AI efforts.



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